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Is Community Solar Right for You? Your Top Questions Answered

Is Community Solar Right for You? Your Top Questions Answered

Community solar is an exciting and innovative way to power homes and businesses using the sun's energy. By opting into a community solar program, you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without installing panels on your own property. It’s a free option that allows anyone to receive the benefits of solar simply by signing up. Plus, it's a great way to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, while supporting the growth of renewable energy in your community.

If you're considering community solar, here are some questions to ask before deciding if it’s right for you.

  1. How much will I save on my energy bill? One of the most attractive benefits of community solar is the savings on your energy bill. Simply by choosing to subscribe to community solar, you can save 10% or more each month. Why? Harvesting solar power is less expensive than other forms of energy and we pass those savings along to you.
  2. Are my monthly savings guaranteed? Yes. You’ll save money on your solar credits no matter what happens to energy prices. The percentage discount you receive (10% or more!) on your solar credits is fixed and will not change even if the utility company increases its rates. You will continue to receive the discount for the duration of the project (approximately 20 years).
  3. What is the contract length and cancellation policy? Subscriptions to Nautilus Community Solar are free and do not require an annual contract. There is no need to renew your contract. You will continue to save money on your energy bill as long as you remain a subscriber to the community solar program. You can cancel at any time without fees or penalties. Allow up to 90 days for your utility to disconnect you from the community solar program.
  4. How does the billing process work? As a subscriber to community solar, you’ll continue to pay your normal electricity supply and delivery charges. The difference is that you will also start earning solar credits based on your share of the solar produced. That’s where your savings kick in. Nautilus Community Solar gives you a discount of 10% or more for these solar credits. Depending on which state you live in, you'll have a choice of billing. The two-bill option means you'll receive a bill from your local power company including your energy usage, delivery charges, and solar credits earned. You'll also receive a second invoice from Nautilus for the solar credits you earned minus your discount (e.g., savings!). Or, some states have a one-bill option, which means you'll receive one bill from Nautilus that reflects everything. (New York subscribers will receive one bill from NYSEG and not Nautilus.) Either way, you're getting a great deal!
  5. What happens if I move? If you move, you may take your subscription with you as long as you live in an area serviced by community solar. Your allocation (share of the new project) will be adjusted as needed. Subscriptions may also be transferred to a different account number for the same property. To find out if community solar is available near you, click here.
  6. How do I know if I qualify? Anyone who pays an electric bill can subscribe to community solar in their area. Nautilus Community Solar does not require credit checks or pre-qualifiers to subscribe. Community solar is the perfect solution for renters, those who don't want to commit to rooftop solar panels, and those looking to save a little money. In some states, low-to-moderate-income residents can receive even more discounts.
  7. What do I need to sign up? Subscribing to a community solar program only takes a few minutes. All you’ll need is an electric bill or utility credentials and a valid form of payment such as a credit card or ACH, electronic transfer of funds. That’s it. The sun does the work, and you see the savings.

Opting into community solar is a great way to power your home or business using clean and renewable energy. By asking these questions, you can make an informed decision about whether community solar is the right choice for you. Remember to do your research, read the service agreement, and ask any questions you may have before signing up for a community solar project. The Nautilus Customer Care Team is always ready to answer any questions you may have by calling toll-free at (866) 969-4129 or customercare@nautilussolar.com.

Questions answered! Ready to subscribe?

By joining a Community Solar project, you've chosen an easy way to support renewable energy, create local power projects that increase regional grid resiliency, and reduce emissions. And you don't have to maintain or optimize your own residential panels yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Subscribing is simple and you will save money on your electric bills with no upfront cost. All that is needed is five minutes and a utility account. To learn more about how you can go green and keep your green with community solar, go to NautilusSolar.com.

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