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Take Charge of Your Energy!

Ready for affordable electricity? By choosing community solar with Nautilus Solar Energy®, you join a subscriber community of tens of thousands who have also chosen to save and make an impact!
Save between 10% and 25% on electricity costs.

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Power Up Your Home and Amplify a Greener Future

We understand your need for affordable, reliable electricity, and your desire to do good for the planet. By subscribing to Nautilus, you’ll become a valuable member of our community, and we’ll partner with your current utility provider to:

  • Receive the same uninterrupted electricity service from your current electric company
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint
  • OFFER A BONUS! A guaranteed discount of 10% or more!

Here's the magic behind it:

Community Solar Simplified:

When you subscribe to Nautilus, you become a member of our community.

  • Solar energy is generated on Nautilus community solar farms, and this clean energy is fed into your local power grid operated by your current utility company.
  • Your utility company continues to deliver electricity to your home, just like before, using the same power lines.
  • Now that a percentage of that energy comes from clean solar, you’ll receive a credit (discount) for simply being a Nautilus subscriber.

And the cherry on top? A noticeable discount on your electric bill – a change you can truly appreciate.

Lowering your electric bill has never been easier.
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Get To Work

Planeteers, Let’s Get to Work!

Make a Change for the Greater Good: Join Community Solar

By choosing Nautilus Community Solar, you're making a significant difference in your community and our planet by supporting state initiatives towards clean energy goals. Here’s why that matters:

We believe in clean air and preserving natural resources.

Community solar helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, keeping our planet cleaner and healthier for humans, animals, and plants while preserving non-renewable energy sources.

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We believe in fair and just energy costs for everyone.

Regardless of income level, status, residence type, or location, we champion energy justice for all.

Our passion extends beyond just doing business. We want a better future for generations to come, and we want a better NOW for everyone to enjoy.

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Don’t Let Expensive Electric Bills Dim Your Sunshine!

Numbers don’t lie! See how many dollars you’ll save and how your choice makes a positive change toward sustainability
and resource conservation.

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See How Much You Can Save with Our Clean Energy Calculator

Numbers don’t lie! See how many dollars you’ll save and how your choice makes a positive change toward sustainability and resource conservation. Solar incentives - the energy credits you receive by subscribing to community solar - put money back in your pocket every month, regardless of income level. You’re guaranteed 10% savings - or more! Plus, low-income families may qualify for even greater discounts. Use our calculator to get an idea of your potential savings.

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Curious About How Solar Credits and Billing Work?

It’s fast, free, and easy to get started, and we make it simple to understand your savings. Visit our Save Money page to see how.

You’ve Got the Power: Your Energy, Your Choice!

Electric Company, Rooftop Solar, or Local Community Solar

We’re here to tell you that the power to choose is all yours! Explore what’s best for your wallet and what’s best for the planet.


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Traditional Electric Service
Stick to the tried and true, just like your parents did. But know it's as it always was – standard rates, standard impact.
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Rooftop Solar Panels
A step towards green energy with potential savings. Yet, consider the initial costs and the need for ongoing maintenance.
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Local Community Solar with Nautilus
A seamless transition to green energy. Subscribe in minutes, no installations, zero upfront costs. Plus, by choosing us, you contribute directly to your community and a cleaner tomorrow.

Whether you own a home or business, solar energy through community solar is now accessible directly through the existing power lines already attached to your home or business.

Making a difference in your community, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving on your bills—it’s all possible with Nautilus Community Solar. Join the movement of community members who believe in a brighter, greener future.


Do I Need to Breakup with My Current Power Company?

We answer this and all your most pressing questions on our FAQs page.

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Join the Movement: Soar with Solar Savings!

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Homeowners, You Are Welcome Here

With over 100 community solar farms across 10 states, Nautilus Community Solar is at the forefront of the community solar development movement. We own, manage, and operate all of our solar farms, so you can be sure of a trusted, reliable energy source for decades to come. By subscribing for free, you’re not only lowering your monthly electric bill, you’re becoming part of a movement.

Enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re doing good for your family, good for the community, and good for our planet.

Join the tens of thousands of satisfied subscribers who already know the reliability and benefits of community solar power.

We’re different because we care. We are passionate about community, clean energy, and our collective future.

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Business Owners, We’ve Got Room for You, Too

From universities to retail stores, nonprofits to municipalities, we're powering a wide range of organizations with sustainable solar energy. Opt for a green future, contribute to the greater good, and become more cost-efficient.

Find Your Community

Let's Solar!

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