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Stories from Happy Subscribers

Our subscribers have made the switch to sustainable eco-friendly energy through community solar. See the difference Nautilus Solar Energy® made in their lives.

York Maine Chamber of Commerce sign

The Chamber of Commerce is choosing solar to reduce our electricity costs and to do our part in using clean energy.

York Chamber of Commerce, Subscriber
Cumberland aerial photo

Nautilus Solar is my Community Solar Power (CSP) partner. They maintain the solar farm and I buy their good clean solar power at a rate that is guaranteed to be less than my electric utility charges. It's like a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - it's good for me, the farm, the community, and the earth. Why Nautilus Solar? Because the community you join matters, you want to know they will stand with you. Nautilus Solar stood up for me, it's easy to stand up for them.

Rich, Subscriber
Betty a Nautilus subscriber sitting in a chair

I chose Community Solar because I wanted to change things in our life to go green. It's cleaner, it's available and I would like a cheaper bill than what I've been getting.

- Betty, Subscriber
Randy a Nautilus subscriber in front of his house

I'm excited that I will be powering my home with Nautilus community solar! Figuring out a cost-effective path to solar was a priority for me this year. Community solar made the most sense at this time for my situation.

- Randy, Subscriber
Ben and Paige Nautilus subscribers smiling looking at the camera

We chose Nautilus Community Solar because we were looking for a way to save money on our electric bill, while also using clean energy when in an apartment. Nautilus Community Solar has been a real benefit to us and we would recommend it to anyone.

- Ben and Paige, Subscriber
two little girls having a picnic together

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Stories About Impact Through a Trusted Partnership

Nautilus Community Solar wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our farmer and landowner partners. As the backbone of our solar farm communities, our partners’ stories are a testament to the positive impact of solar farm development and the many benefits of leasing land for solar farms.

I chose to go solar because I think it's environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels. Solar is a free source. I think it's a good way to repurpose doing solar.
Mark, Landowner
I had a really good feeling talking with people at Nautilus, you know, you kind of tell if a company is legit or if they've been around, if they know what they're talking about. The really wonderful part with the solar is just that you can put the solar farm up and still put the rest of the ground into native grasses, for butterflies, I think solar is here to stay, and it's good for everybody. It's a win-win for everybody.
Jon, Farmer

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