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How to lower your electric bill while helping save the planet.

At Nautilus Solar Energy™, we are committed to helping you save each and every month. Because solar power costs less to produce than other energy options such as coal, gas, or nuclear, we can pass savings on to you. Use the calculator below to see how much you could be saving every year with solar for your home.

You can feel good about these savings. This is your opportunity to do your part to help the planet. When headline after headline says the world is going in the wrong direction on climate change, you’re doing what you can to do the right thing. Once installed, solar panels produce no CO2 and have none of the pollutants emitted by fossil fuel power plants.

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Is Community Solar Really Free? How Can That Be?

Really Really. See How We Do Business.

Nautilus Community Solar operates a sustainable business model for a sustainable future.

We’re no newbies. As pioneers in solar energy, we established our position in 2006 and have not faltered since. We believe community solar is THE future. There are three ways we make money, and that gets directly credited to you as extra savings in your pocket.


How much can you help me save the planet and on energy?

I would highly recommend Nautilus. The savings have been as promised and the customer service has been excellent when I have had any questions.
Karen MacDonald
June 2024
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Discover how you’ll save on your utility bill.

Every state has its unique regulations on how solar power is billed. But no matter how the billing works in your state, you are guaranteed a discount on your solar electricity. Every month you will see your discount clearly and we even show how your discounts add up throughout the year.


Become a Solar Pioneer today.

The chance to do a good thing for the environment is right now because each of our solar farms can only serve a limited number of subscribers. So sign up today.

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