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Understanding Your Bill, Billing Cycles and Solar Credits

As a reminder, our subscription process is fast, easy and FREE.

  • checkmark icon No change in service

    You don’t have to switch electricity providers to become a Nautilus Solar Energy® community solar subscriber.

  • checkmark icon No change in service

    You don’t have to switch electricity providers to become a Nautilus Community Solar subscriber.

It’s good for you, good for your community, and good for our planet.

Important Things

A few important things to know:

  • Depending on where you live, you will receive one or two monthly billing statements.
  • You’ll start earning solar credits right away, as soon as your solar farm project goes live; however, there can be an initial waiting period of up to 90 days from when your solar credits are earned to when they’re visibly reflected on your invoice. This is a standard process, involving the transfer of solar credits between your local utility company and Nautilus Solar.

For example, the 10% savings you accumulate in January may make their debut on your March bill (or as early as January depending on when Nautilus is notified of your energy use), while February’s savings show up in April, and so on. We understand if your initial bill arrives without credits, it might raise an eyebrow – rest assured, they’re on their way and soon to be part of your regular billing cycle!

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What Will My Bill Look Like?

How will I be charged, and how will solar credits show up on my bill?

Depending on your location, your savings may reflect directly on your Nautilus Community Solar bill or seamlessly blend into your existing bill with your current power company. Depending on your provider, you’ll either receive two bills or one bill.

One Bill Option

Some customers can select a one-bill option. In this case, Nautilus will pay your electricity charges directly to your utility company. You receive one monthly statement from Nautilus which itemizes your supply, delivery and services costs charged by the utility, along with the solar energy credits and discount you receive from Nautilus.

*With a one-bill option, you receive your solar credits discount the same month that you earn them - no waiting period!

Note: NY residents will receive one bill from their utility provider and not Nautilus.

Two Bill Option

Bill #1 – From Your Utility Provider

  • Includes your normal electricity supply, delivery, and service charges.
  • The bill will also include a deduction for the full value of Solar Credits you earned for being a subscriber.
  • Your bill will be much smaller. The second bill will cover the electricity charges.

Bill # 2 – From Nautilus Community Solar Includes the charge for your solar credits minus your discount (10% or more).


The two-bill Nautilus invoice may reflect your credits from a previous billing period. This is because your Solar Credits are transferred from your utility company to Nautilus up to 90 days (1-3 billing cycles) after they appear on your monthly utility bill, as they match solar electricity production with payment for the solar energy purchased from Nautilus.

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Get a Detailed Explanation of Billing

Choose your state and utility company to see how billing works:

What Happens When the Power Goes Out?

We answer this and all your most pressing questions on our FAQs page.

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