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Tired of Heavy Bills Hanging Over You Like a Storm Cloud? It’s Time to Lighten Up!

Experience the Benefits of Nautilus Community Solar

When you join the Nautilus Solar Energy® community, you’re not just cutting down on your electric bills; you’re contributing to a brighter, greener future for everyone. Here’s how it works:

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Sign Up as a Free Subscriber
Get started by setting up an account for free. Once subscribed, you become part of a local solar community that’s owned, managed, and operated by the Nautilus Community Solar team.
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Power Up with Solar Credits
As our solar farms convert sunlight into energy, you earn solar credits. This means your electricity is partly sourced from clean, renewable solar power.
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Only Pay for What You Use
You continue to receive electricity from your current utility provider, uninterrupted as usual, but now with the added benefit of solar energy. Your usage determines your costs – fair and transparent.
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Relish in Reduced Electric Bills
Each month, your earned solar credits are automatically applied to your energy consumption and credited towards your expenses, automatically lowering your bill. We make sure you see a noticeable reduction in your electricity expenses, by at least 10%.
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Is Community Solar Really Free? How Can That Be?

Really Really. See How We Do Business.

Nautilus Community Solar operates a sustainable business model for a sustainable future.

We’re no newbies. As pioneers in solar energy, we established our position in 2006 and have not faltered since. We believe community solar is THE future. There are three ways we make money, and that gets directly credited to you as extra savings in your pocket.


We Make Money When You Save Money:

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We receive upfront tax incentives for building solar farms and adding clean energy to the grid.
This reduces the burden on your utility company to avoid blackouts, it reduces pollution that is costly to clean up, and more.
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We accumulate ongoing solar credits.
These are generated from the electricity produced by our solar farms.
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We capitalize on the lower cost of producing electricity.
Through our generous, ever-renewable, free source - the sun!

Since we sustain our business through these 3 ways, we don’t charge a subscription fee* for community solar. In fact, as a local community solar subscriber, we pass our savings directly to you!

*While subscribing to community solar is free, you’ll still pay for the energy you use each month; however, that cost will be lower once your community solar credits get applied to your bill.


With Community Solar, There’s No Catch, No Complexities

Solar Energy Costs Less to Produce, and We Pass Those Savings on to You.

Embracing Nautilus Community Solar translates to real and noticeable savings with absolutely no hidden complications. Solar just costs less to generate. You might be shocked to see just how much more cost-efficient solar energy is when compared to conventional sources like coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy.

Take a glance at our cost-comparison chart.

We’re an energy company that’s on a mission to help you save money on your electric bill. Through the guidelines of your state’s enacted community solar program, we share the joy of savings, passing on a minimum 10% discount directly to your electric bill in the form of solar credits. Depending on where you reside, your savings may reflect directly on your Nautilus Community Solar bill or seamlessly blend into your existing bill with your current utility company. Regardless of your state, the end result remains constant: Undeniable savings and the gratification of powering your home with clean, renewable solar energy!

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Navigate Your Savings: Understanding Your Bill with Nautilus Solar

Don’t Worry, We Keep it Simple.

We understand the importance of grasping the ins and outs of your solar credits and billing statements. We provide easy-to-read monthly statements that make your savings and environmental impact crystal clear.

Looking to dig a little deeper into how billing works? We explain it all.

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By The Numbers: Calculate Your Dollars Saved, Plus Your Environmental Impact

Your Eyes Will Light Up When You See the Dollar Signs and Green Savings Potential!

Our Clean Energy and Saving Calculator is designed to provide a snapshot of how you can save on energy and save the planet.

  • Input your current state of residence
  • Input your current monthly electricity cost
  • Choose if your income level qualifies you for additional savings

That's it.
What will you use for savings for?


Get Informed & Stay Connected

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Diving into the world of solar is a breeze. Ready to learn more and make a difference? Let's go!

It Seems Too Good to be True. What’s the Catch?

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