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Discover How to Get Green for Going Green with Community Solar

Discover How to Get Green for Going Green with Community Solar

More Americans are choosing to power their homes with solar. The advantages are two-fold -- the climate benefits of clean energy and long-term financial savings. Solar energy is a winning combination. But not everyone can utilize rooftop solar. In fact, 75% of Americans can’t put solar on their roofs because they rent or live in an apartment building, don’t have sufficient sun or roof space, the financial investment is too high, or they simply don’t want panels on their roof. That’s where community solar comes in.


What exactly is community solar?

Community solar provides a way for anyone to choose renewable energy without the cost or hassle of installation on their roof. Often called shared solar, community solar is a local solar “farm” where customers subscribe for their share of the total power produced. The solar panels on the farm generate energy which is sent through the electric grid and delivered to subscriber homes by the local utility company. Savings from the project shows up on the subscriber’s utility bill as energy credits. This can reduce electric bills by a guaranteed 10% a year. Solar energy costs less to produce than other forms of electricity and that savings is passed along to subscribers. That’s extra green in their pocket simply by going green!


The economics are simple

Community solar farms are owned and operated by a solar developer like Nautilus Solar Energy. The land is leased from landowners such as farmers or municipalities for the lifetime of the community solar farm. This provides the landowners with extra income for about 30 years. Regulated at the state level, these programs also boost the local economy by creating hundreds of jobs in construction, engineering, and land maintenance. For residents, there’s no cost to join and no membership fees. And the best part is anyone can subscribe – renters, homeowners, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and commercial companies – with no equipment, installation, or long-term contracts. It’s super simple to go green and keep the green in your pocket and in the community.


An environmentally friendly decision

On average solar energy produces 20x less greenhouse gasses than other forms of energy, helping to reverse climate change. Since hundreds of subscribers can be served by an average community solar farm, just imagine how much carbon dioxide (CO2) can be reduced by a single solar project. (Nearly one ton of CO2 for a 1MW community solar farm to be exact!) Plus, subscriber actions have a compounded impact on the entire community by contributing to increased sustainability, cleaner healthier air, and reduced pollutants. That’s a breath of fresh air!


Are you ready to enjoy the green benefits and go solar?

Community solar provides a clean energy choice for American households by reducing their carbon footprint while saving money on their electric bills. Subscribing is simple. All that is needed is five minutes and a utility account. To learn more about how you can go green and keep your green with community solar, go to NautilusSolar.com.

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