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Real Change for Today. Real Impact for Tomorrow.

Community solar is more than power—it's a shared conviction, a pledge to our Earth. Nautilus Solar Energy® didn’t just jump on the solar trend; we’ve pioneered the solar movement into what it is today, beginning in 2006. Our dedication goes beyond energy production. Since day one, we’ve always thought long-term, and we continue to seek ways in which we can protect, renew, and restore.


So, if you aim for genuine change beyond symbolic gestures, let’s make it happen.

Let’s solar!

The Benefits of Community Solar

Community solar has a positive impact on everyone! Residents, communities, the local economy, and the environment benefit from community solar.

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Offers greater electricity rate stability and bill savings for participants.
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Makes clean energy accessible to underserved communities.
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Allows for land conservation, particularly unusable land.
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Provides local tax incentives and jobs for the community.
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Builds a stronger, distributed, and more resilient electrical grid.
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Contributes to a cleaner, healthier community.
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Helps communities become energy independent.

Ready to commit to a real movement that’s doing more than just lip service? Stand with us: nurture, protect, and fuel our world with purpose through sustainable energy solutions. Nautilus Community Solar is a change you can feel great about. Let’s solar!

How Community Solar Works?

Wait. I can get the benefits of solar without panels on my roof?

Solar Farms
1. Solar Farms Built Close to You

These aren’t far-off operations. As a community solar developer, we build and operate solar farms centrally located within your region.

Community Of Subscribers
2. A Community of Subscribers

Residents like you subscribe for free to take advantage of the solar farm’s energy output. No ownership, just service.

3. Integration with Existing Power Grid

This locally-generated solar energy is integrated into your regular electric grid. No new infrastructures, no disruptions.

Unchanged Power
4. Unchanged Power Flow, Added Benefits

Your electricity is delivered using the same power lines, so it remains uninterrupted. The difference? You’re part of an energy company with a larger, clean and green initiative. Plus, you enjoy a minimum of 10% savings on your monthly electric bills. No panels, no fuss—just collective progress.

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State Specific Solar Policies

It’s important to know that community solar programs and policies can differ across states. Your access and benefits might vary based on local regulations.

To learn more about how community solar works in your state, click the button below to visit our Billing Explained page.


Local Landowners Making a Global Impact

We Partner with Landowners and Farmers in Your Community to Bring Solar to Everyone

Whenever possible, we seek to repurpose underutilized and compromised land to build our solar farms. Our partnerships with local landowners help by:

  • Providing tax relief and additional income stream to solar farm landowners
  • Making good use of unusable land, such as landfills, rock and sand quarries, and unneeded farmland
  • Boosting your local economy by adding jobs and by providing an affordable energy choice to all residents

I had a really good feeling talking to the people at Nautilus – you know, you can kind of tell if a company is legit or if they’ve been around, if they know what they’re talking about. The really great part about leasing land for a solar farm is you can put up the solar and still put the rest of the ground into native grasses for wildlife. Solar is here to stay and it’s good for everybody. It’s a win-win for everyone.” -Jon, Farmer and Solar Farm Landowner

Hear from Jon, one of our solar farm landowners
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How Does Community Solar Help Reduce Climate Change?

We answer this and all your most pressing questions on our FAQs page.

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