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All the Bells and Whistles!

Here are the perks of joining our solar community:

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The Power of Energy Choice
Take control of your energy needs. With Nautilus Community Solar, you’re choosing more than just lower-cost electricity; you’re choosing empowerment. Break free from traditional energy constraints and make the utility company work for you, not the other way around.
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The Reassurance of a Committed Partner
We own and operate all of our solar farms. We’re committed to our cause, and we’re here to stay. No fads, no outsourcing. Just real team members working towards our unified cause.
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The Satisfaction of Community Investment
Your benefits go beyond personal gains. By becoming a subscriber, you’re investing back into your local community. By choosing Nautilus Community Solar, you contribute to creating local jobs, boosting the local economy, and building community pride.
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The Fulfillment of Environmental Advocacy
Align yourself with a company that's as passionate about a sustainable future as you are. We’re on a relentless pursuit to reduce the use of fossil fuels, increase reliance on renewable solar energy, safeguard natural habitats, and pave the way towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

The bottom line? 10% or more in energy bill savings, plus the satisfaction of committing to a greater cause. Ready to join us? Let’s solar!

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Energize Your Commitment to Our Community and Our Planet

Fueling a Greener, Growing Future with Every Kilowatt

We believe in doing more than just saving you money—we’re on a relentless pursuit to transform our world for the better. Community solar is a choice to embrace affordable electricity and make a powerful stand against climate change and environmental degradation. But that’s not all. By subscribing to Nautilus Community Solar, you are joining hands with us and our partners to continue our efforts for good in the community, and here’s how:

We support events and nonprofit sponsorships. We boost the economy by creating local jobs, offering reduced utility costs and providing local tax incentives to landowners.
We provide landowners and farmers in your community with needed income streams by leasing their land for a solar farm. We form authentic partnerships in the local community with local government, nonprofit organizations, and environmental groups.

When you subscribe to Nautilus Community Solar, you join a diverse community committed to a better future for all. Be a spark of change and join our mission today. Let’s solar!

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Subscribers Saving Green and Living Green

Hear from Our Community Members

Meet some of the tens of thousands of subscribers who have made the switch to Nautilus Community Solar and are now enjoying lower electricity bills while playing an active role in safeguarding the environment.

I chose my local community solar because I like that it’s so clean… it’s less expensive, and it’s dependable. There are so many benefits, and I just think community solar is the way everyone is going in the future. -Betty, Minnesota Subscriber

We chose community solar because we were looking for a way to save money on our electric bill and use clean energy in our apartment. It was fast, easy and FREE to sign up, and we saw our Solar Credits on the very next billing cycle. Nautilus has been a real benefit to us and we recommend it to our friends all the time! -Bill and Paige, Maryland Subscribers

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It’s About You Feeling Supported, Included, and Valued

We’re Committed to Energy Justice for All

At Nautilus Community Solar, we’re building a community. And we want you to know that this is our passion and we’re in it for the long haul. 

We believe in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that stands for energy justice and equal opportunity for all. 


Green energy projects around the community

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Nautilus Solar Energy® and Green Clean Solar Partner on Solar Panel Recycling Effort in Maine

We’ve proudly partnered with Green Clean Solar in this recycling effort because it’s about collaboration and commitment to doing what’s best for our planet.

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The Environmental Impact of Community Solar: By the Numbers

See the real-world impact of community solar in action, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the preservation of natural resources, and the promotion of a more sustainable future.

Our solar farms are designed and developed with the future in mind. Once their productive solar life concludes, the land can effortlessly return to its original state, preserving options for our farming partners. Unlike fossil fuel extraction, our approach leaves the land intact, actively contributing to the planet’s well-being and ensuring a cleaner, more renewable energy future.

Eager to Help? Join Our Solar Revolution!

Community solar is growing, and there are various ways for you to get on board. Whether you're new to solar, an existing subscriber, or a landowner, there's a place for you with Nautilus Community Solar.

1. Become a Solar Subscriber

Start your greener future today. Discover community solar programs near you and subscribe for free in just a few minutes.

2. Refer and Earn with Solar Friends

Already enjoying the benefits of community solar? Share the love! Refer friends or neighbors, and for every new subscriber using this referral code “LetsSolar” and providing your name, you’ll earn a $50 bill credit. There's no limit, so start spreading the word on social media today.

3. Share Your Solar Story

Are you a happy Nautilus Community Solar subscriber? We’d love to hear your story and share it to inspire others. Your experience is valuable and can help more people make the switch to community solar.

4. Go Social for Solar

Help us illuminate the benefits of community solar. Share about Nautilus Community Solar on your website or social media. Use our toolkit for ready-to-go posts and images.


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"I've made the switch to Nautilus Community Solar. Letting sunshine power my life is an affordable and eco-friendly move."

"I'm letting the sunshine in with Nautilus Community Solar. Accessing clean, local energy at an affordable price has never been easier."

"I'm locally sourcing my energy with Nautilus Community Solar. It feels good to choose clean energy & reduce my carbon footprint."

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