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Nautilus Solar Energy® Partners with EnergyMark to Democratize Access to Community Solar for Local Commercial Subscribers in New York

Summit, NJ (August 30, 2023) - Nautilus Solar Energy, a leading pioneer in the solar energy industry, has announced its strategic partnership with EnergyMark, a reputed Williamsville, NY -based energy supplier and solar subscription manager. The partnership aims to bridge the gap for local small to mid-size commercial businesses that have historically been left out of the community solar revolution.

A significant issue that many businesses face is the inaccessibility to community solar credits, leading to missed opportunities in guaranteed savings on energy costs. Traditionally, these businesses have been sidelined due to credit rating requirements and long-term commitments, putting the benefits of community solar out of reach for many.

"This partnership with EnergyMark is about more than energy; it's about equity for every business, big or small," said Daniel Bozer, Community Solar Business Development Manager for Nautilus. "Our collaboration has been a rewarding journey, especially with my fellow Buffalonians. Together, we're ensuring local businesses in the National Grid utility easily access clean energy, strengthening both the power grid and NY economies."

16 MW across seven projects in Western and Central New York are allocated for local commercial companies, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable energy. This opportunity empowers area businesses to notably reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint, offsetting 15,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions—equivalent to taking 3,500 cars off the road for a year. Nautilus is the long-term owner of the community solar projects and is responsible for the energy production, maintaining its long-term performance, and managing customer subscriptions. EnergyMark will manage subscriber acquisition and administer the solar credits generated from the seven projects.

“This innovative partnership will grant greater access to the benefits of community solar," said Luke Marchiori, Executive Vice President for EnergyMark. “Our Agreement with Nautilus allows us to provide significant savings to our customers and continue our exponential growth in New York’s rapidly expanding renewable generation space.”

Community solar is one of the fastest growing sectors of the New York clean energy industry, providing locally produced, affordable clean energy to everyone. Community solar not only provides cost savings but also aids in grid reliability and resilience, creates local jobs and economic development for the local community, and boosts infrastructure development, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The Empire State has become Nautilus’s largest community solar market, with approximately 200MW in development and operation. Small to mid-size commercial businesses interested in learning more about this community solar opportunity should contact EnergyMark by visiting https://energymarkllc.com/contact/

About Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC

Nautilus Solar Energy®, LLC is a leading community solar company, providing clean energy to residential and commercial customers in local communities. Nautilus operates and manages solar farms in 10 states and is responsible for financing, development, maintenance, and customer service for the lifetime of the project. Founded in 2006, Nautilus has helped shape the future of solar to provide an equitable and affordable renewable energy choice for all. Nautilus is owned by Power Sustainable, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada. Power Sustainable is a multi-platform alternative asset manager with a long-term investment approach focused on sustainable strategies. For more information on Nautilus Solar Energy visit nautilussolar.com. Join Nautilus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About EnergyMark

EnergyMark, a leader in independent energy supply based in Williamsville, NY specializes in direct sourcing, storage, and distribution of natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy from NY and other regional supply sources. The company provides energy supply and management services to over 15,000 Northeast US clients, including The Buffalo Bills.

Media Inquiries:

For Nautilus Solar:  Carlene Pruitt, Public Relations/Communications, Nautilus Solar Energy LLC, 908-795-3038, carlene@nautilussolar.com

For EnergyMark:  Luke Marchiori, Executive Vice President, EnergyMark, LLC 716-632-1800, lmarchiori@energymarkllc.com

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