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Nautilus Solar Energy® and Green Clean Solar Partner on Solar Panel Recycling Effort in Maine

Summit, NJ (September 6, 2023) – In significant move toward sustainability and responsible project management, Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC (“Nautilus”) and Green Clean Solar announce their collaboration on a solar panel recycling effort for two community solar projects in Maine. The partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to ensure environmental responsibility from project inception through its end-of-life.

Damaged solar panels and waste, totaling 14.11 tons and comprising 512 modules, were removed from two recently constructed community solar sites in Fryeburg (6.9MW) and Wells (6.5MW). Rather than going to a landfill, the solar panels were diverted for recycling by Green Clean Solar. The recycling process ensures that valuable materials, like silicon, silver, and aluminum, are reclaimed. Moreover, recycling helps in reducing the environmental footprint of solar panel manufacturing, supporting the industry's goal of being a truly sustainable energy source.

"Nautilus believes in a future where community solar isn’t just about producing green energy but also about reducing our carbon footprint. Partnering with Green Clean Solar on this initiative underscores this commitment and lays the foundation for how solar projects can be both sustainable and responsible," said Sean Reaney, Vice President of Construction at Nautilus Solar Energy.

"We're excited to have provided the crucial logistics, a stellar crew, and top-notch practices to back Nautilus Solar's panel recycling. Beyond recycling, our hands-on approach empowered Nautilus to prioritize exceptional community solar in Maine, while we managed recycling. This collaboration showcases how industry leaders unite to ensure responsible solar panel end-of-life management. Our aligned values for a solar circular economy truly fueled this project's success." Emilie Oxel O’Leary, CEO & Owner of Green Clean Solar LLC.

Solar panels contain trace amounts of heavy metals that can be considered hazardous materials. While they pose a relatively low risk in landfills, there is a push both from within the industry and from its political opponents to hold it to a higher standard. In fact, recent legislation in Illinois called for establishing a renewable energy recycling task force to study end-of-life options for clean energy technologies. As the solar industry evolves, recycling technologies and processes are also advancing. Newer methods and better techniques are continually being developed to increase the efficiency, affordability, and effectiveness of solar panel recycling.

Every community solar project developed by Nautilus includes decommissioning terms to ensure that once the lease concludes, the solar system will be removed, and the site will be returned to its original state. As Nautilus and Green Clean Solar look forward to further collaborations, this recycling initiative sets a positive precedent for other organizations in the industry.


Nautilus Solar Energy and Green Clean Energy partner to recycle 14.11 tons (512 modules) of damaged solar panels and waste from two recently constructed community solar farms in Fryeburg (6.9MW) and Wells (6.5MW), Maine. The partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to ensure environmental responsibility from project inception through its end-of-life.

About Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC

Nautilus Solar Energy®, LLC is a leading community solar company, providing clean energy to residential and commercial customers in local communities. Nautilus operates and manages solar farms in 10 states and is responsible for financing, development, maintenance, and customer service for the lifetime of the project. Founded in 2006, Nautilus has helped shape the future of solar to provide an equitable and affordable renewable energy choice for all. Nautilus is owned by Power Sustainable, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada. Power Sustainable is a multi-platform alternative asset manager with a long-term investment approach focused on sustainable strategies. For more information on Nautilus Solar Energy visit nautilussolar.com.  Join Nautilus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Green Clean Solar

Green Clean Solar, LLC is a women-owned firm operating across all 50 U.S. States, specializing in responsible waste and recycling solutions for renewable energy projects. Our expertise covers logistics, crews, and recycling, addressing materials like cardboard, wood pallets, metal, solar panels, and batteries. With a strong commitment to environmental safety, we prioritize ongoing staff training to enhance skills and maintain high standards. We collaborate with like-minded companies to uphold a clean environment and sustainable energy installations.

Media Inquiries:

For Nautilus Solar:  Carlene Pruitt, Public Relations/Communications, Nautilus Solar Energy LLC, 908.795.3038, carlene@nautilussolar.com

For Green Clean Solar:  Denise Anderson-Rivas, Co-Founder/Director of Environmental Content, A.R. Environmental Marketing House, 310.936.8323, denise@armarketinghouse.com

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