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With limited community solar subscriptions available, the time to become a Solar Pioneer is now.

Nautilus Solar Energy™ knows how so many people are looking for ways to help prevent climate change. So if cutting your carbon emissions and your electricity bill with the best renewable energy is important to you, you need to act fast. Unfortunately, there are only so many subscriptions each of our solar farms can support. Once they are full, we would be happy to put you on a waiting list should a spot open up or we build a new solar farm in your area. 

It costs nothing to join Nautilus Solar. Your only investment is a few minutes of your time and soon you can be enjoying the benefits of solar power. Today is the day you can become the Solar Pioneer that makes a difference for our planet. 

I’ve been with Nautilus for a couple of years now and the savings that I’m seeing on my bill is outstanding. It has, for us, been the best mix of getting solar energy without the cost of installing panels.
Anton Ascanio
June 2024
I would highly recommend Nautilus. The savings have been as promised and the customer service has been excellent when I have had any questions.
Karen MacDonald
June 2024
Great program, free discount on my electric bill. 15% off adds up, especially with all this inflation!!
Thomas Senn
May 2024
Enjoy the monthly discount, until recently. It was never explained to us about the ‘allocated’ amount, which makes a real difference this time of year.
Marcia Luszcski
January 2024
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Is Community Solar Really Free? How Can That Be?

Really Really. See How We Do Business.

Nautilus Community Solar operates a sustainable business model for a sustainable future.

We’re no newbies. As pioneers in solar energy, we established our position in 2006 and have not faltered since. We believe community solar is THE future. There are three ways we make money, and that gets directly credited to you as extra savings in your pocket.

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What we deliver for our subscribers.

  • Subscribers finally have an attractive alternative for electric power

  • People of all income levels have access to low cost solar power

  • An extraordinary commitment to our subscribers

  • Significant investments in subscriber communities

  • Advocacy for all forms of positive environmental action


You are joining a recognized leader

Our good work has been honored from how we respect our people to how we respect the planet. We also have taken a prominent role in organizations that share our commitment to sustainable energy.

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