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What To Expect After You Subscribe to Community Solar

What To Expect After You Subscribe to Community Solar

Are you thinking about signing up for community solar, but not sure exactly what will happen? No worries. Community solar is a growing clean energy program that provides a way for anyone to save the planet, help your community, and keep extra money in your wallet.

Here's what will happen once you subscribe:

  • Welcome email: First, after enrolling in the program, you'll get a welcome email from the Nautilus Customer Care Team confirming your enrollment. This email will also have all the details on how to access and register for the Customer Care portal.
  • Newsletter: You'll start receiving a quarterly e-newsletter called "A Look on the Brightside" from Nautilus. It’s packed with fun facts about solar power, what's happening in your community, and other program news.
  • Customer Care Portal: As a subscriber, you'll have access to a Customer Care portal where you can manage your subscription. It's a behind-the-scenes look at your account and solar savings. You can track the solar energy produced by your share of the farm, manage your payment options, view your personal environmental impact and energy savings, and access the Customer Care Team if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Determining Your Share: Behind the scenes, Nautilus will determine your share or “allocation” and assign you to a local community solar farm. So how exactly do we do this? Nautilus will review your current electricity bills and determine the average amount of energy your household consumes in a year. They'll then calculate your allocation by dividing your annual electricity usage by the average annual solar farm production. But don't worry, your allocation won't affect the amount of electricity delivered to your home. You'll always get the right amount you need.
  • Assigning Your Farm: Based on your allocation percentage, Nautilus will match the energy you use to a portion of a local community solar farm. You will then be assigned to that local community solar farm. In most cases, subscribers are assigned to a community solar farm that is still under construction. During this time, you will receive email progress updates. This may include updates on construction timelines, energy production, and any other important information. Nautilus wants to make sure you stay in the know about your solar farm.
  • Your Farm Goes Live: And now for the best part! When your local community solar farm goes live, Nautilus will send you the email that your community solar farm is activated! This email will also include information about what to expect to see on your monthly bills.
  • Solar Credits: Once the solar farm is active, you’ll start to earn solar credits on your electricity bill. Think of solar credits as a reward you get on your electricity bill for using clean energy from a community solar farm. The amount of solar credits you earn is based on your share of the farm as well as the total amount of energy the community solar farm produces in that month. The number of solar credits you earn can change from month to month depending on how much energy the community solar farm produces. For example, on long, sunny days, the solar panels soak up more energy than on cloudier days. (And yes, to answer the next question, solar panels can produce energy on cloudy days, too!)
  • Your Savings: Next is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the savings on your electricity bill! You’ll start to see energy savings in about 30-60 days after the solar farm goes live. Depending on which state you live in, you'll have a choice of billing. The two-bill option means you'll receive a bill from your local power company including your energy usage, delivery charges, and solar credits earned. You'll also receive a second invoice from Nautilus for the solar credits you earned minus your discount (e.g., savings!). Or, some states have a one-bill option, which means you'll receive one bill from Nautilus that reflects everything. (New York subscribers will receive one bill from NYSEG and not Nautilus.) Either way, you're getting a great deal!
  • Subscribing in the Long-Term: You will continue to save money on your energy bill as long as you remain a subscriber to the community solar program. There is no need to renew your contract. If you move and are within the same power company territory, you can take your subscription with you. Should you need to cancel (we’d hate to see you go!), allow up to 90 days for your utility to disconnect you from the community solar program.
  • Ongoing Updates: Nautilus Customer Care Team will keep you posted on any program updates. You can always access the Customer Care Team in the Customer Care portal if you have any questions.

As a subscriber to community solar, you have taken an important step in helping to create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. You don't have to be a scientist or a superhero to make a difference – all you need to do is sign up and start using clean energy. It’s the right thing to do for the planet, your wallet, and your community. Join the community solar movement today and make a positive impact.

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