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Quiz: Is Community Solar for You?

Quiz: Is Community Solar for You?

Maybe you’ve done some homework about community solar, learning about its benefits in terms of both saving on energy costs and using cleaner energy. (If you haven’t, here is a link to get started.) If you’re interested in community solar, but not sure if it’s right for you. We can help. Answer a few questions below to learn more.

Q: Are you a homeowner?

A: If the answer is yes, community solar is a good choice, especially if you’d rather not incur the costs of installing solar panels on your roof. Community solar actually saves you money while relying on clean energy instead of fossil fuels. If the answer is no, move on to the next question.

Q: Are you a renter?

A: Good news—as a renter you could be eligible for the cost savings and green energy benefits of solar. There are many times a renter can subscribe to community solar to reduce their electric bill.

Q: If you’re a renter, do you pay your electric bill yourself or is it included in your rent?

A: If you pay your electric bill yourself, guess what—you could subscribe to community solar on your own without having to go through your landlord. If your electric is included in your rent, unfortunately, you can’t create your own account (but you could suggest to your landlord that they consider learning about community solar to reduce electric bills and use cleaner energy).

Q: Are you a business owner?

A: If yes, congratulations! You too can benefit from community solar. If no, consider spreading the news about community solar in your workplace.

Q: Are you interested in getting energy from a clean, renewable energy source?

A: If yes, you’re a great candidate for community solar! Most people don’t know how easy it is to have much more impact than recycling or using reusable water bottles. Who knew you could have this much green impact by just saying yes?  If no, move to the next question.

Q: Are you interested in saving on energy costs?

A: If yes, you are a great candidate for community solar. Many people see savings of 10% or more on their energy bills. If you’re not interested in saving on energy costs—really? Those Taylor Swift tickets or Starbucks lattes aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Q: Are you interested in supporting the local economy and creating jobs?

A: If yes, thank you! Community solar produces electricity from solar farms right in your community. That means people have good-paying jobs and the community has a bigger tax base, which it can use to make improvements in your community. If no, no worries—there are still other benefits to community solar that may interest you, including saving on energy and using clean, renewable resources.

Q: Do you have rooftop solar?

A: If yes, you’re already rocking the solar energy movement! Way to go! If no, sounds like it’s time to check out community solar. (We can help you do that.)

Community solar has something to offer nearly everyone. Now that you’ve discovered how it would benefit you, find out how easy it is to enroll, start saving, and use clean energy.


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