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Is Community Solar Worth It?

Is Community Solar Worth It?

Let’s say you’re already interested in solar energy (that’s why you’re here!). You’ve learned about the benefits of solar power, but you have concerns about solar panels. Perhaps they’re too costly, or you rent so they’re not under your control, or your roof isn’t right (or you live somewhere with a homeowner’s association that won’t let you install them). Maybe you’ve heard of community solar, but wonder if it’s anywhere near as valuable as solar panels.

Great question. And the answer is: Yes. Here are just a few of the benefits of community solar power.

One of the Best Renewable Energy Sources

It’s clean, doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, and doesn’t generate greenhouse gas emissions. It doesn’t involve mining or drilling, and it uses very little water, unlike electric power plants that use steam turbines. And it’s abundant—a renewable energy source is one that never runs out, unlike fossil fuels. They also don’t require transmission lines, nor do they involve trucks delivering energy. Solar farms themselves have little impact on the earth, meaning they don’t present risks to delicate habitats. Learn more about community solar’s environmental impact here.

Save on Energy Costs

Subscribing to community solar can result in reductions in electric bills by as much as 10% or more. Given that electric costs tend to rise regularly, this can add up over time. There’s also no up-front cost like that of installing solar panels.

Good for the Community

Community solar works on a localized basis. That means good jobs right in your backyard. Because those jobs are in the local area, it benefits the community tax base. The employees live nearby and spend their money at local businesses, helping support the entire community.

Available to a Wide Group of People

While solar panels only work on certain types of roofs (and are forbidden in some housing developments or business centers), community solar can be used by anyone who lives in an area that provides it. That means houses, businesses, and even renters (although if electric is included in your rent, it probably won’t work; however, renters who pay their own electric bills directly are eligible).

Energy Independence

Because community solar is derived locally, it reduces the overall U.S. dependency on global energy sources. As we’ve seen in recent years, there can be disruptions to global energy supply chains and unstable pricing. Community solar is removed from all that.

No Installation Hassles

Unlike solar panels, which require research, up-front investment, and construction (and many times, a roof may not have the right orientation or structure to work with solar panels), community solar is something handled online, no hammers required.

Easy to Sign Up

It only takes a few minutes online to sign up for community solar, and once you’re enrolled, that’s pretty much it. There’s no lengthy research and installation period, there’s no ongoing maintenance. And if you need to cancel later, that’s just as easy—but we’re confident that once you enroll, the benefits of community solar power will easily win you over. Why not try today?

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