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Earth Day is Every Day at Nautilus

Earth Day is Every Day at Nautilus

At Nautilus Solar, we believe we should celebrate and honor the earth every day and every month. With such an aspirational statement, you might assume that the team is made up of only crunchy, environmentally conscious individuals. While Nautilus employees may be geekishly passionate about solar energy, the company believes anyone can contribute to creating a clean and sustainable future for everyone.

To put this to the test, Nautilus surveyed its team members to discover small sustainable ways they contribute to a cleaner future, not only on Earth Day.  Here are the results:

Nautilus Solar employees celebrate earth day, every day

What do you do to celebrate earth day every day? One easy way is by subscribing to community solar. With Nautilus Community Solar, there is no need for rooftop panels, membership fees, or to be pre-qualified to subscribe. The sun does the work, and you (and our planet) get the benefits of clean solar energy. Together, by making small changes, we can all help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone.

Interested in joining the Nautilus Team?

We are a rapidly expanding company and are always looking for hard-working, talented individuals who have a passion for the renewable energy industry. A pioneer in the rapidly growing solar industry, Nautilus’s employees form a strong supportive community. We are committed to creating and maintaining a culture based on diversity, equity, and inclusion by practicing our beliefs of integrity, empowerment, and fairness. We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment inspires employees’ creativity, drives innovation, and leads to success.

See our current job openings here!

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