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Become a Solar Pioneer

Be a part of a community that’s making a difference for the planet.

Solar Pioneers have power

Sunshine may power our solar farms, but it is the 32,000 environmentally-committed Solar Pioneers that power Nautilus Solar Energy™. By joining, you’ll help bring clean energy to your community. And when the community solar farm is up and running, you’ll receive solar credits applied to your electric bill.

Get To Work

Planeteers, Let’s Get to Work!

Make a Change for the Greater Good: Join Community Solar

By choosing Nautilus Community Solar, you're making a significant difference in your community and our planet by supporting state initiatives towards clean energy goals. Here’s why that matters:

We believe in clean air and preserving natural resources.

Community solar helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, keeping our planet cleaner and healthier for humans, animals, and plants while preserving non-renewable energy sources.

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We believe in fair and just energy costs for everyone.

Regardless of income level, status, residence type, or location, we champion energy justice for all.

Our passion extends beyond just doing business. We want a better future for generations to come, and we want a better NOW for everyone to enjoy.

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To produce the same amount of power as our farms, coal plants produce millions of pounds of CO2.

Coal, nuclear and gas can’t compete with the clean power produced by our solar farms. And while there are many ways to reduce your carbon emissions, choosing community solar over power from a gas or coal plants is also the easiest and cost-effective way to do your part for the planet. For example, if you made no changes in your lifestyle and joined Nautilus Solar, you could benefit the planet as much as 200 mature trees absorbing CO2. So, you could plant a forest and wait about 50 years, or you could spend about 10 minutes joining Nautilus Solar.

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Your bills won’t be higher. They will actually be lower.

Doing the right thing becomes a great thing when you are paying less. Over the course of the year, subscribers are guaranteed a discount of 10% or more on their electricity. Three things make this possible. First, tax credits incentivize the building of community solar farms. Second, your local solar farm is backed by Nautilus Solar, with 122 solar farms and over 32,000 subscribers, we know how to create solar power efficiently. Thirdly, community solar power is cheaper to produce than coal, gas, or nuclear power.

Invest just a few minutes, not tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, you can make a big difference: no matter how much you make, the size of your home, or whether you rent or own. And, you won’t need to make a major investment in solar panels on your roof or put a new electric car in your driveway to have the same effect. That’s why Nautilus Solar is the best choice in alternative energy. All it takes is a few minutes and no dollars to join and you can do your part for the planet.


Become a subscriber today.

The chance to do a good thing for the environment is right now because each of our solar farms can only serve a limited number of subscribers. So sign up today.

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