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Asset Management

Nautilus’s Asset Management solutions allow you to focus on your core business instead of the day-to-day management of the systems. We manage all activities—Financial, Operational and Physical—essential to the performance of a solar system as a financial asset.

Our professionals make owning your solar system as simple as it looks.

Financial Management

Our asset managers perform all areas of financial asset management to deliver accurate and measurable results to investors and owners. Services include: reporting, budgeting, accounting and record-keeping, invoicing and cash management.

Operational Management

Performance-based monitoring drives decisions. Nautilus Solar’s operations team provides real-time incident and impact analysis to maximize project IRRs.

Maintenance Management

Our maintenance team provides best-in-class preventative and corrective maintenance to protect your investment. Before we roll a truck, we analyze the cost of work orders, work types, asset failures and parts to compare labor and parts against generation and reliability.

Our Customers

“Nautilus Solar is one of the most experienced asset managers in the industry which is reflected in the quality of their work. Their complete and timely financial reporting, process management, and contract management are invaluable to GoldenSet Capital as they handle the daily complexities that ensure the projects remain in compliance to protect our investment.”


Everett Smith

Managing Partner, GoldenSet Capital Partners

“Best Investment.”


Managing Partner, GoldenSet Capital Partners

“High Quality of Work.”


Managing Partner, KKR