Financing Options

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Nautilus's core business is development of long-term Power Purchase Agreements in which we finance, manage, and operate the system, while the customer agrees to a pre-determined rate for the electricity produced. This rate is traditionally lower than the historical prices. You begin to see cost savings on the first day that your new system is in place, but don't have to put up a single dollar. And since you only pay for the power produced, you can be sure that we'll keep the system up and running over the long term.


Alternative Financing Options

Nautilus also provides alternative financing options for those who may want to go solar outside of the PPA model. These financing options are:


Direct Purchase Financing

Typically, full ownership of solar assets is the most financially rewarding for tax-paying corporations. Nautilus Solar will simplify the complex financing process and create an integrated financial solution for your business.

Solar Leasing

A solar lease is similar to a PPA where there is no upfront capital investment – you’re renting the equipment versus paying for electricity. This option can also provide your business with significant economic benefits.


Contact Nautilus Solar’s expert financing team to discuss the solar financing options available for your business.

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