Partner Program Overview

Nautilus Solar, one of the leading solar solutions companies in North America, is looking to partner with companies and people who have strong relationships with potential commercial scale solar customers. Nautilus Solar has provided solar solutions for 100MW of systems throughout the United States and Canada.

Nautilus Solar Energy provides you a streamlined, efficient process to generate additional revenue from your customers via a co-origination partnership to deliver solar solutions. At Nautilus, we believe collaboration with our Partners is a key to our success as an industry leader. Experience has taught us that building strong relationships with our Partners creates added value for customers. Nautilus offers competitive pricing and excellent service for solar energy solutions with a strong history and track record of delivering outstanding projects.

We work with Partners to deliver quality solar energy products and services to help customers save money and reach their sustainability goals. Our service offerings include choices that provide the customer with solar electricity that requires no capital commitment from them. We give our Partners the resources to help customers gain significant value through cost savings and economic incentives.
We can help Partners deliver a cohesive solar energy management strategy for customers. From solar and market intelligence training to co-branded brochures and news releases, Nautilus Solar Energy is committed to assisting in our Partner’s success!

Why Your Customers Should Consider Solar

Financial Benefits
  • Receive a power price below current utility rate or a site lease payment for previously underutilized real estate
  • Flexible financing program with no upfront capital required by Customer
  • System is installed using Nautilus Solar’s capital
Environmental Benefits
  • Achieve corporate sustainability goals
  • Improve brand equity of property through the intangible use of solar
Operational Benefits
  • Nautilus operates and maintains the system
  • Real-time building energy monitoring at all solar meters

Partner Marketing

We have successfully developed similar programs with other organizations like yours, helping to implement customized solar solutions for your customers.

  • Joint marketing and lead generation activities
  • Sales training and collateral
  • Presentations and exhibits / sponsorships at industry events
  • Solar and market intelligence training
  • Prospecting e-mails / direct mail pieces
  • Incentive programs for sales and business development personnel

Partner Process Support 

  • Site review and screening
  • Clear-cut Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), loan pricing and alternative review Contract package (site lease and PPA)
  • Project engineering, financing and construction

Program Benefits

  • No investment necessary by partner or customer
  • Offer a value added solution to your customers
    • Provide immediate cost savings
    • Reach sustainability goals
  • Leverage Nautilus Solar’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise
  • Significant revenue stream for you
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