Utilities & Co-ops

A New Generation of Generation

Utilities have been facing increasing political and public pressure to implement renewable energy programs. Nautilus Solar creates a solar solution for utilities that makes solar energy a viable option for your energy portfolio. Our founders have extensive experience in developing and financing large-scale energy and infrastructure projects. They will provide your company with a long-term solution that will help you meet your renewable portfolio standards with reliable solar power.

Benefits of going solar

Community Solar - A Renewable Energy Solution for Utilities

  • No upfront capital
  • Program marketing support
  • Add renewable generation in service territory
  • Reduce load loss to rooftop residential solar system providers
  • Meet or exceed sustainability goals
  • Inclusion of battery will provide improved integration of intermittent resource into grid
  • Long term, predictable power prices
  • Eliminate cross-subsidization issues among rate payers
  • All Utility and Co-op customers can participate
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