An Energy Profit for Non-Profits

Every dime a non-profit spends on operating expenses cannot go to the vital causes they support. The right solar strategy can actually turn electricity from a cost item to a revenue stream. That helps non-profits decrease administrative costs and increase the percentage of revenues distributed. That’s a powerful tool for meeting needs and attracting additional contributions.

The Nautilus finance team understands the accounting nuances for non-profits and how that relates to solar revenue. We can help maximize the real cash solar can deliver.

Benefits of going solar

Applying the Right Tools for Non-Profits

  • A Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") is the most cost-effective and efficient method for a tax-exempt entity to benefit from a solar power system
  • Dramatically reduce your electric bills without any out-of-pocket expense
  • Have more money to spend on your mission
  • Boost community involvement by adopting a sustainable operation
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