Commercial & Industrial

Make Solar a Competitive Advantage

Nautilus Solar's commercial and industrial clients are committed to demonstrating leadership and corporate responsibility through the use of solar energy. Whether a corporate customer owns or leases its property, Nautilus Solar can provide economic and environmental solutions for a client's long-term energy needs. Customers do not need to devote resources to installing, operating or maintaining the solar facility. If the solar system generates more electricity than the customer can consume, for example during non-business hours, net metering allows the customer to sell the excess electricity to the local utility.

Benefits of going solar

No upfront capital costs – take immediate advantage of benefits that solar provides

  • Transform underutilized land and roof space into an asset
  • Cheaper more reliable way to power your business
  • Use solar generation to offset your electricity bills
  • Meet or exceed sustainability goals
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly operations elevate your brand perception
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