Company Overview

Who Are We?

Nautilus Solar Energy is a leading solar development and asset management company. Founded in 2006, the company focuses on developing, acquiring, executing and managing distributed and utility-scale generation solar projects throughout North America. Over its 10 year history, Nautilus has invested in over 125+ MW of solar projects located throughout the United States and Canada and has served over 74 different clients. Nautilus also has dedicated funds for owning solar projects and achieves both customers’ and investors’ goals by leveraging its proven development and operations platform. 

Our company believes in working towards a clean, sustainable and independent energy future by providing widespread access to electricity generated from solar power. We deliver quality solar energy solutions so that our partners, customers and investors may achieve their sustainability, economic development and financial goals. Our key customers are developers, host customers, property owners, supply chain participants, utilities, service providers, and local communities.  

Nautilus is headquartered in Summit, NJ and has a growing presence in the West Coast. The company is minority owned by Virgo Investment Group LLC.

What’s In Our Name? 

Nautilus may seem like an unusual name for a solar energy company. After all, what do marine species have in common with solar energy?

Well, the connection is really quite simple. Just like the Nautilus shell grows in distinct layers that come together for the common good of its inhabitant, Nautilus Solar has distinct layers of expertise, resources and experience that come together for the common good of our partners, customers and investors. 

The Nautilus shell represents our holistic view of solar engagements. From initial planning, implementation and financing, to maintenance, power planning and asset management, all of our customers’ needs are satisfied by our seamless interlocking of skill sets across our organization. We are a diverse set of professionals focused on a common goal.

The operational value of “limitless” energy is also recognized in our name. As the very first nuclear submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) gave the U.S. Navy a virtually limitless power source to meet its objectives. The USS Nautilus redefined the U.S. Navy’s underwater capabilities and strategies for success just like the Nautilus Solar platform is able to redefines the capabilities and success strategies for our partners, customers and investors.

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